Tiny Things

Who wins? 😅

Vote which of you would win funny match ups in this social game. Get your friends, family or colleagues to join a room together, using their phone or browser to play.

The game is very simple but works well, and has gone through several revisions to find the right tone and social dynamics.

Play now (for a few people with phones)

DP Hack 🔢

I've done a lot of professional work in learning games, play-based and game-based learning, and wanted to prototype a learning game on a different maths topic. I chose decimal places, as learning the names of different decimal place columns feels a bit trite and hard to put into practice, so I wanted to make a game where you can "play" with the decimal place.

Swipe left and right to move numbers into different decimal place columns, then check to see if you've broken the code. There are four challenge levels to try.

Play now (swipe-y for mobile web)

Raid Three 🧙🏻‍♂️

I'm very interested in casual MMO concepts, and this is a prototype of one many ideas. In this game there is a swiping/tile matching mechanic used for all input to play.

Create a character or two, try out the input mechanic, swiping a path along 3 or more of the same tile to run and enter a mine. It's been online enabled from day one, so try jumping in from multiple devices or with a friend.

Play now (swipe-y for mobile web)

Drop Mine ⛏

A nice little 2D mining game for touch or keyboard, in the style of a Minecraft "prison" minigame. I'd like to add multiplayer spaces to this, but its playable singleplayer version in the meantime.

Play now (touch or keyboard)