Samuel Baird
Games and Learning Portfolio

Vigilante : Speak for the Dead

Client Divisive Media
Role Lead development, game design
Technology Native iOS development, PHP, MySQL, AWS
App Store

Initially created as a companion game to the locally produced movie "John Doe: Vigilante", the game took on a life of its own with a dedicated community and some wild emergent play far out living the film. Players take on the role of a vigilante in a lawless city, seamlessly blending single play story driven events with player vs player and crew based support and simple raids.

Delivered as native code front ends on both iOS and Android (initially with a Flash based web version also), a PHP & MySQL based backend, hosted on Amazon services and integrated with platform push notifications and purchases. The backend was built around a sophisticated event distribution system to efficiently blend live feeds of data from the player's single player progress with the actions of other players and other live events. This project featured all the challenges of running a live game as a service, with live content updates, community engagement, exploit prevention and mitigation, monitoring, and optimisation to run the game economically and at a profit.