Samuel Baird
Games and Learning Portfolio

KPMG Digital Experiences

Client KPMG
Role Lead development, Gamification
Technology Javascript, Typescript, PHP, MySQL, Azure web services

Working with Christian Gossan and Vaughan O'Leary at KPMG International, on multiple occassions to create digital experiences that provide learning and engagement beyond what corporate L&D can typically offer.

Client Ready

Client Ready was created to keep staff both prepared, and up to date, on the sectors of industry and key clients within those sectors. Evolving over time this comprehensive platform features quizzes, achievements and multiplayer tournaments, backed with a bespoke CMS, mobile and desktop responsive design, and was deployed on KPMG's Azure webservices, integrating with corporate SSO, after undergoing full security certification.

Grow Your Impact

Grow Your Impact tapped into the growing interest and activity around corporate ESG goals, providing a mini social network tailored to support dedicated groups within the company organise around goals and campaigns. The system let them link information regarding their cause with direct calls to action, that turn into individual commitments and social sharing. This self reenforcing flow was created to be a force multiplier for those most passionate and dedicated individuals, and to grow everyone's impact.

The Games

Our earliest project with KPMG was one of their first forays into gamification. "The Games" projected a bright colourful world inspired by Nintendo Wii Sports, with fun animated outcomes and live multiplayer tournaments. The success and engagement of this early program was the proof and encouragement that led to funding of subsequent programs including Client Ready and GlobeRunner.