Samuel Baird
Games and Learning Portfolio

Infinite Voyage

Client Victorian Department of Education
Role Lead development, game design
Technology C#, OpenGL, PHP, MySQL, Flash animation pipeline

Created for the Victorian Maths Challenge, and to help tackle the challenge of "maths anxiety" that leaves many students feeling that maths just isn't for them, Infinite Voyage set out to show that maths is varied, meaningful, and woven into many parts of every day life.

While many maths games in the past have relied mostly on skill and drill, translating arithmetic directly to games and quizzes, this has only replicated the same dynamic that has caused these students to bounce off maths in the first place.

To create more genuinely contextual and applicable maths games, with richer and more varied concepts than straight forward arithmetic, required a deeper and more challenging approach to both game design and learning design, to create truly novel and worthwhile maths games, all delivered strictly to budget with the accountability and transparency required of a government project.

The game used narrative, achievements, challenges, leaderboards, customisable characters, unlocks, friends and family links, to create a compelling and encouraging environment, with maths content and affordances scaling from year 1 to year 12, across 15 sub-games housed within the three zones of the VMC spaceship, as it journeys far into space.