Samuel Baird
Games and Learning Portfolio

Healthcare Heroes

Client Northern Health
Role Gamification, Backend development
Technology MySQL, PHP

How do you help an organisation pass an accreditation where everyone succeeds or fails together, with a workforce of 4,500 doctors, nurses, caterers, cleaners and admin staff - all of whom can be randomly select to be quizzed at any time on all of the accreditation material.

Created for Northern Health, Healthcare Heroes was a training tool, with gamification features designed to meet that challenge. Rather than emphasising individual competition and results, the workforce was grouped into teams, individual progress contributed to your team's standing, with a live teams leaderboard publically displayed in the building, encouraging team members to pull together for a collective result, not letting their team down, increasing participation across the org. A chat feature built into the app allowed team members to help each other with any quiz questions they found difficult, encouraging trust and knowledge sharing.

Accreditation training saw a 30% increase in participation, supported by the hospital achieving an exceptionally high accreditation score, vastly improved from past years. Healthcare Heroes has since been run at other hospitals with similar success and is now being rolled out across the country.