Samuel Baird
Games and Learning Portfolio

64 Ways of Being

In partnership with Troy Innocent
Role Game design
Technology Unity3D, AR

64 Ways of Being is a playable urban public art experience that brings Melbourne's laneways, streets, parks and rivers to life via augmented reality - to create a conversation with the city about its past, present and future. The project is a collaboration between RMIT University urban play scholar Troy Innocent, live performance collective One Step At a Time Like This, and Millipede. Drawing on Indigenous knowledge and Melbourne's diverse multicultural communities, the project embeds location-specific participatory artworks throughout the urban community. Evoking the social, cultural and linguistic diversity of the city, 64 Ways of Being connects people with place through an inventive blend of performance, game design, and mobile technology.

After its initial ambitious conception by Troy Innocent, I lead design workshops that brought artists, theatre performers and technologists together to imagine an entirely new kind of experience. I remained involved as a lead game designer, helping guide the feasibilty, functionality and structure of the app, to create a framework for various contributors to author a great experience in multiple locations. Along with this oversight I provide technical development capability, desiging and implementing a "presence server", a light weight multiplayer bridge, that allowed the app to easily connect with others to create moments of serendipitous interaction. With it's adhoc and simple access, and time shifting and dwell of information, this presence server has remained a powerful piece of IP able quickly scaffold many other connected interactions and experiences.

Through my phone screen, a kaleidoscope of delicate wildflowers blanketed the mall as visions of the landscapes and ceremonies of the traditional owners told by elders danced in my ears.
Doosie Morris, Broadsheet