Game music and background loops

I like to craft title music and background loops for games with real texture and character, that work well in the intended environment alongside other audio and interactive elements.

I've been privileged to write a number of sing along kids songs, for use in a series of language learning apps. These have been translated and recorded in 13 languages.

I've also enjoyed combining my programming and music skills to create procedural and responsive music in games, building original digital instruments, sound engines and effects.

Morning time on the farm, lets get to work.
Oh no, the sheep are gambling again.
Get on the bus kids, we're going learning.
Awaken the ghosts of some theatre kids.
Love a good kick in, this one timed to the moment of impact in game.
8bit Mariachi.


Jerusalem, 2nd movement, for cellos and violins
Flute duet, final movement
Samuel Baird ยท Adelaide


I seem to like writing mostly quite short songs, and even have some of the less embarrassing of them online.